SQL Code Guard is a free solution for SQL Server that provides fast and comprehensive static analysis for T-Sql code, shows code complexity and objects dependencies.
It provides:

  • Integration with SSMS 2008/2008R2/2012/2014.
  • Integration with Visual Studio 2012/2013.
  • Checkin Policy for TFS (how to install & use).
  • Support of msbuild (how to use msbuild).
  • Command line utility (how to use command line utility).
  • API for custom tool development (demo projects can be found in SQL Code Guard folder).
  • If you have any idea about new features, improvements etc. don't hesitate to contact us at SQLCodeGuard@gmail.com.

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    Current:SQL Code Guard 2.9

    Code issues

    Would you like confidence that your code adheres to your “best practices”, and be warned of hidden pitfalls?
    Use the Code issues feature to analyze a single script or the entire database! There are over a hundred rules covering both style issues and potential errors.

    Object dependencies

    Wondering which objects use or modify a table, view, procedure or function? Trying to avoid Error 208?
    Object dependencies allows you to explore your database with a single mouse click!

    Code complexity

    Worried about you code? Does it seem too complex to understand?
    Now you can Complexity check your code! In combination with Code outline, you can quickly find your most complex procedures or functions and review them.

    Code outline

    Lost in your “too-complex-to-navigate” procedure?
    Use Code outline for quick and simple navigation through the workflow of your code!